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Executive Summary

“Bukit” is a marketplace that connects end-users through an aggregator to operators via white-labelled SaaS technology.
Executive Summary

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“Bukit” aims to be the leading online marketplace that connects global users to operators selling services as a function of their time
Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary

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Bukit - Buy Some Time

Bukit is the world’s first all-in-one service provider platform that connects users to any Service Providers selling units of time. From health and beauty providers to chiropractors, mental health professionals, sports instructors and anything in between Bukit’s mission is to connect users with a full suite of services, eliminating the hassle of waiting for your hair cut or ringing up a golf club to arrange a lesson.
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Bukit for Business

Bukit for Business is a specially designed custom software built for the Service provider. Our 100% free system has been built based on feedback from SME’s and operators worldwide aiming for operational efficiency and maximized revenue. Our state of the art tools are customizable so each individual provider can operate with the utmost efficiency while adjusting to the existing market dynamics.

Bukit for Partners

Bukit for Partners is an affiliate based program to work alongside some of the biggest brands in hospitality, travel, and leisure with the aim of providing end users the most simple, affordable, and state of the art way to discover services that are of value. Our goal is to ensure customers worldwide have easy access to discover and book services, no matter the occasion.
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Bukit+ is our forthcoming subscription platform geared towards the local Bukit market. With an easy to use App to discover, track, and access scheduling services it is a "One Stop, One Click" shop to provide easy access and added discounts to their normal routines.
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Free services
  • Combo packages
£19.99 per month,billed yearly

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